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In the 1880’s Thomas L. Smith  was actively involved in the progress of the Marburg township and community in South East Queensland Australia (established early 1870’s), and in 1885 he erected the Marburg School of Arts.



2018 ADTommy Smith’s Marburg School of Arts is back and better than ever! Continuing with that same community spirit that inspired the original school over 130 years ago, we celebrate the importance of art in our lives, and the necessity of creative expression through the exploration of our imaginations.



Tommy Smith’s

Established 1885.



If you are a local artist that would like some wider exposure to a world-wide audience and also to be a part of this community art initiative, we do invite you to consider showing your artist creations here at Woodlands of Marburg. With the idea of having an art show element that is ‘always on’, visitors to the Woodlands estate can experience the artistic expression of local artists which helps to enrich the visitors experience, and give them a three dimensional taste and immersion into the culture of our region.

Please contact Michael or David at for further information.


Woodlands of Marburg, 1889-2018.


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