Tommy Smith Cafe Meets Scotland Yard Antiques

Welcome to the Tommy Smith Cafe. On entering, you notice that all the tables and chairs are antique. But not only that.. you notice that they are an eclectic mix of ‘odds and sods’ thrown together in such a way that it just shouldn’t make sense.. but in some strange way.. it kinda does make sense. Wait a minute, it works!

In a collaboration with the legendary Scotland Yard Antiques store in Marburg, we bring you the cafe furniture fit-out of the Tommy Smith Cafe. The cafe decor is set with antique furniture supplied by Les & Ath from Scotland Yard Antiques. The chair you are sitting on, and the table you are eating off- are actually for sale! Acting as a kind of revolving door, you are assured a different experience every time you visit the Tommy Smith Cafe. Be sure to drop into Marburg township to say g’day to Les and Ath and check out all the cool stuff they have in their amazing store. And if you are lucky, Les might even play you a song or two on his guitar..


Woodlands of Marburg, 1889-2018.

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