Great Houses of Ipswich- Woodlands of Marburg

Woodlands Of Marburg- Now A ‘Best Of Queensland Experience’

Congratulations Woodlands Of Marburg, you are now a Best Of Queensland Experience! Yes, the iconic destination favourite is now listed as a Best Of Queensland Experience with Tourism & Events Queensland, which means that the mysteriously intriguing charm of Ipswich’s most famous Mansion will get a wider reach to holiday makers and potential travellers the world over, further enticing them to visit Brisbane and explore the exciting City of Ipswich region and all it has to offer.


We are over the moon with this wonderful news and very excited to be sharing and celebrating the history and story of Woodlands to a greater audience. There is so much to do and see here in the Ipswich region that it is definitely worth the time to immerse yourself and follow in the footsteps of early Pioneer Queensland, an essential chapter in the story and development of greater Australia. Be sure to book in a stay at Woodlands of Marburg on your next South East Queensland travel adventure!

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Woodlands of Marburg, 1890- 2019.


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