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We would love to hear how we can better Woodlands of Marburg and work together, not only to bring more people to our venue, but to provide a fun and welcoming environment for staff and guests.

Do you have a good idea for us to offer or market to the community?

Do you need more training and want to up-skill in a particular task?


Feel free to add your thoughts in our form below. 


You may remain anonymous or feel free to add your name if you want to chat further with management.


Management appreciates the time you have taken to share your thoughts.

Feel free to skip to Question 4 if you just want to add comments. 

Feel free to add your contact details if you would like to chat to us in person or receive praise for your awesome idea 🙂
Feel free to add anything you want us to know - The good and the Bad!! If you have any questions feel free to add your details below and we can contact your privately or if you remain anonymous we can put out a generic email with the requested information.
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