Book Your 2021 Wedding Now

Book Your 2021 Wedding Now at Woodlands of Marburg- Woodlands of Marburg is now taking bookings for 2021- We have plenty of dates still available and an early bird rate will also be applied. Woodlands of Marburg is an absolutely…

Woodlands Country Inn

End of Summer February Sale!

Woodlands Country Inn– Happy new year beautiful people everywhere! 2020 is already here and it’s the beginning of a wonderful new decade, so best wishes to all for a prosperous and healthy new year. If you have been deliberating with…


  Paint along with the Artist- Julie Maddocks– As a part of our Marburg School of Arts initiative and beginning our Live at the Mansion series, we invite you to join local Ipswich artist Julie Maddocks for a 1 hour…

Shotgun Wedding Packages

Woodlands of Marburg is now offering it’s latest cut price, in & out, ‘Shotgun Wedding’ styled ceremony package. This is a no-frills basic package that offers all the appeal of a Rolls Royce venue, but with a more functional down…

Great Houses of Ipswich- Woodlands of Marburg

Woodlands Of Marburg- Now A ‘Best Of Queensland Experience’

Congratulations Woodlands Of Marburg, you are now a Best Of Queensland Experience! Yes, the iconic destination favourite is now listed as a Best Of Queensland Experience with Tourism & Events Queensland, which means that the mysteriously intriguing charm of Ipswich’s…

Easter Sunday Family Day- 21st April 2019

Hello beautiful people! We can now release details of our upcoming Easter Sunday Family Day to be held here at the iconic Woodlands of Marburg. A special Easter Egg Hunt for the kids will be run at 4 x time…

Brisbane Hunt Club

The home base of the Brisbane Hunt Club is a 3 room building located on the lower level of the Tommy Smith Cafe. It stands as the re-established Brisbane Hunt Club of the 1800’s, now based at the historic Woodlands of Marburg in South…

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